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Spartan FC Teams

Spartan FC Boys

Name Owner Schedule
2006 Boys Green Marcelo Abayay  Schedule
2006 Boys White Jeff Knouse  Schedule
2007 Boys Black Jeff Knouse  Schedule
2007 Boys Green Marcelo Abayay  Schedule
2007 Boys White Marcelo Abayay  Schedule
2008 Boys Green Paul Gibbs  Schedule
2008 Boys White Marcelo Abayay  Schedule
2009 Boys Green Alex Lofgren  Schedule
2009 Boys White Alex Lofgren  Schedule

Spartan FC Girls

Name Owner Schedule
2008 Girls Green Spartan FC  Schedule
2006 Girls Green Jannelle Flaws  Schedule
2006 Girls White Carly Stevens  Schedule
2007 Girls Green Carly Stevens  Schedule
2007 Girls White Savannah Schinto  Schedule
2008 Girls White Savannah Schinto  Schedule
2009 Girls Green Alex Lofgren  Schedule